Humans are the only animals who have built cities, composed symphonies, and traveled to the moon. One of the reasons is because we’re so adept at figuring out the relationships between things…at discovering all the little connections between things and communicating them in a way so they're understood.

At the frame theory, we love finding the connections between your message and your audience, then crafting a story that capitalizes on those connections. We know that every image and every sound chosen forms a connection in viewers' minds; it’s our job as visual storytellers to make sure those connections serve your needs.

It doesn’t matter if your intent is to sell a product or to sell a lifestyle, to celebrate your organization or to celebrate a life, to create an identity for you brand or to create a piece of art; we create the content that will meet that purpose. 

We are creators.

We are storytellers.

We are the frame theory.




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