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creating simple, fan-focused content

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At the frame theory, we are always exploring ways in which our clients can creatively (and cost effectively) increase their media libraries and put more content out for the world to see.

Last week, we had the privilege to be working with our friends, Artemus James and Annabelle Lafoy of the group Valley Young to create a music video for a single on their upcoming album (more on the shooting of that project later). They were in town for a few days as part of Knoxville’s Rhythm & Blooms music festival, and it was a great time to get the new video shot, work on pre-production for an upcoming collaboration this summer and shoot a variety of experimental footage with the band.

For the Valley Young video, our storyboards called for multiple exterior shots intercut with performance footage to be captured during the festival.  However, on the second day of shooting, heavy rain shut down production for a full day.  Not to be discouraged, we rescheduled the day and took the opportunity to have some fun, creating a few unique, single-take versions of  cover songs, as well as some new solo material that has yet to be released.

Although they’re certainly different than the usual, standard music video, these raw, un-cut offerings are a fun way for the band to share a unique moment in time, and maybe a song most fans haven’t heard in the current set list.  Each one will be released as a free download throughout the year.  In our digital, modern world, sometimes its fun to get back to the roots and play with simple formats and basic recording techniques.  You can check out the first one below (if you listen closely you can hear the rain in the background):