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a new year


Normally we find ourselves doing the usual tired rituals to ring in the New Year.  You know the drill; get really dressed up for seemingly no reason, go to a special event or party of a host you know, sip a little champagne, watch the ball drop, steal a kiss and call it a night.  Maybe we’re the ones that are tired and should get better things to do on NYE?


Regardless, this year was a bit different.  A paddling client of ours needed us in Florida to shoot some R & D testing they were doing for new paddles and boards.  We jumped at the chance to get in the sun over the New Year and warm our bones.  As luck would have it, our lone days off were New Years Eve and the following holiday.  We took the opportunity to do a little fishing, catch a few small Florida waves and ring in the New Year under a full moon on the beach.  It was a nice change up from our usual New Years traditions and maybe the best part of it all was being able to spend the evening in boardshorts for seemingly no reason. We even captured a little of it for ourselves and made a little film of our idea of a perfect day off!