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the campaign trail '15

Early this summer, our hometown of Knoxville, TN was up for a $100,000 trail building grant sponsored by Bell Helmets. There were nine cities in contention, but only one would walk away with the prize, which was to be determined by an online vote. Dave's friends in the Appalachian Mountain Bike Club (AMBC) reached out to {f/t} early on to see if we'd be willing to help with the overall branding campaign, and we jumped right in.

Anyone who knows mountain bikers knows they're not a very serious group, and we had a ton of fun making a couple of absolutely ridiculous videos. No budget, no fancy toys, no real guidelines...just doing it for the love of the game, down and dirty. And it worked. The #downtowndownhill hashtag spread faster than anyone could have ever predicted, the Save Shaggy video ended up with nearly 50,000 views across social platforms, and our Stop the Suffering video was picked up by a major cycling blog, garnering 35,000 views on its own. In the end, Knoxville absolutely crushed the competition, besting the 2nd place city by over 10,000 votes...looks like we're gonna have an incredible double black diamond trail here in a few months. 

It was a massive campaign that had a ton of support from a whole bunch of different talented, creative, and dedicated people and we're very proud to have been a part of it. See ya out there. 

sips up : moonshine cocktails

Happily working, once again, with our friends at Sugarlands Distilling Company, we have created a series of fun cocktail shorts, that will make you want to grab a bootle of their 'shine and get to mixin'!

Featuring all 7 Authentic Sugarlands Shine Flavors, in 7 different cocktails, we captured 150+ distinct shots - all in one {long} day! On a busy set like this, organization was key... And a few tastes here and there didn't hurt either....SipsUP!

Here's the Silverita: 

new energy technology

Proton Power Inc. (PPI), headquartered in Lenoir City, TN, came to us in need of an image piece to help introduce of their patented, clean energy technology. The more we learned about their staff, their objective and their technology - the more we liked! 'Powering A Clean Tomorrow' was created to paint a picture of what clean and affordable alternative energy can look like, and what kind of a world it can help to create.

Down the road, look for PPI's second video (currently in the works), which will delve a little deeper into their company. PPI has developed a renewable energy system that produces inexpensive hydrogen on demand from biomass and waste sources, and converts it into synthetic fuels and electricity. 


The Frame Theory is pleased to announce the addition of Dave Stanley to the family! He is joining the company as a partner and fellow principal. Previously, Dave served as the Director of Development for RIVR Media where he spent the last 9 years of his career and helped launch everything from Animal Planet's Whale Wars to the Weather Channel's Fat Guys in the Woods to DIY's Renovation Realities.


Dave is now leading our business development, actively pursuing a wide range of local, regional, national, and international clients as well as ensuring existing clients are having all of their needs met. When he's not in the office,  you can often find him on one of Knoxville's many mountain bike trails when the weather is nice, and inside doing a crossword puzzle when it is not. 

He can always be reached at 

a great cause

It was our honor to work with the good men and women of the University of Tennessee Medical Center's Trauma and Emergency Care Uniwho are out there saving lives every single day of the year. UT Medical Center tapped the frame theory to produce a fundraising video for their 2014 An Evening in Orange event, with this year's piece focusing on the trauma center's heroic efforts following a terrible bus accident last October. It's amazing how humble these folks are when they do such incredible work and we felt really privileged to work alongside them. We hope this piece helps them raise the awareness for their much-needed trauma unit expansion. We hope we never need their services, but sure are glad to know they're there if we ever do.  

We also got to play with some relatively new production gear, employing the Movi stabilization system to get some really cool, kinetic shots in some pretty tight spaces. While we still love our Steadicams, this is another great tool in the arsenal. 

Look for the project soon in the proof...